These articles introduce the platform and serve as a quick start guide to processing and analyzing your data!

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Sample Management

How to upload or import your sequencing data, manage metadata and sample sheets, and share data with your collaborators

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Different analyses available on One Codex and how we analyze your samples

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Microbiome Sequencing and Analysis

From sample processing to sequence data and analysis with One Codex

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Kit Guides

Information on using ATCC and other kit products with One Codex

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Developer Information

How to interact with One Codex programmatically via our API and command line interface (CLI)

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Technical Appendices

These articles provide more details on the bioinformatics and databases behind One Codex

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Advanced Analyses

This collection will introduce you to the Jupyter Notebooks environment, coding in Python within Jupyter Notebooks, and further ways to analyze your data.

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The ATCC Genome Portal

This collection contains articles describing ATCC's approach to whole-genome sequencing, and FAQs regarding the ATCC Genome Portal

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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Introduction to the Microbiome

These articles will give you an introduction to the microbiome, including some of the common methods and metrics used to analyze microbiome data.

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Organization Features

This collection includes information on features available to One Codex organizations

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