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Understand the information in the table of published genomes on the ATCC Genome Portal

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The "Genomes" table lists all of the genomes available on the portal. From this table, you can 

  • link out to the ATCC product page if interested in purchasing the source material for a particular genome by clicking on the ATCC Product Name

  • view genome size

  • download the assemblies (FASTA) and annotations (GBK format) - available to ATCC Supporting Members or to those who have purchased a vial of this organism or its DNA

  • take a deeper dive into a genome by clicking on “View”. 

This table sorts all published organisms in alphabetical order by default. You can choose to sort by ATCC Product Name, or Date Published instead, and reverse the sort order too.
You can also filter and search this table using particular search criteria.
If there are genomes you are particularly interested in, you can mark them with a star. These genomes will then be saved in the "My Genomes" section, making it even easier for you to find them again.

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Learn what is in the Genome Overview tab.

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