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Understand the overview tab for a genome on the ATCC Genome Portal

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Clicking on “View” from the “Genomes” page will direct you to the “Overview” tab for a specific genome. This view provides a summary of:

  • the genome assembly, including the date published, genome length, sequencing technology used, number of contigs, assembly summary (i.e. the completion level of the assembly), N50, and %GC.

  • the ATCC source organism, including where the microbe was isolated from, its biosafety level, whether or not is is a type strain, any antigenic properties, and which antibiotic resistances it carries

  • annotations, including the numbers of CDS, hypothetical proteins, tRNA, 5S rRNA, 16S rRNA, and 23S rRNA 

  • the sequencing reads that went into the assembly, including the count and median Q scores for both Oxford Nanopore and Illumina reads, as well as the mean coverage depth for Illumina reads. 

View articles on our approach to assembly and annotation for more information, starting with this article.

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Browse a genome using the Genome Browser tab.

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