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Learn how to restrict your searches to find what you're looking for on the ATCC Genome Portal

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Once you've logged in to the ATCC Genome Portal, you can search for a genome of interest using the search bar on the home page.

When using the search bar, you can search for genomes using a number of criteria, listed below.

Search by:

  • Name: This field can be used to search for a catalog number (complete number required) or a taxonomic name (including partial matches)

  • Catalog Number

  • Tag: We've included tags for "Type Strain" (genomes corresponding to strains with official standing in prokaryotic nomenclature, essentially the “definition” of the species), "MSA Component" (genomes of ATCC strains that are part of the popular ATCC® Microbiome Standard products), and "GPS" (genomes of ATCC strains that are part of the “Global Priority Superbug” collection; these AMR-relevant strains include enhanced characterization data such as antibiotic susceptibility profiles and MIC values). Partial searches are accepted.

  • Taxonomy: Search for species or genus. Note that this search requires exact names.

  • The isolation source

  • Type Strain: True or False to filter to only type strains or exclude type strains, respectively

  • Bio-safety level number: Search for the required BSL number.    

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