Visualize Annotations

Annotations for your genome of interest can be visualized using the linear genome browser on the “Genome Browser” tab. Each annotation is color coded by protein family (see Annotation Legend). If you are interested in downloading the nucleotide and amino acid sequences for the entire annotations table, simply click on Download Table CSV.

To exclude hypothetical proteins from the annotations table simply uncheck the “Include Hypothetical Proteins” checkbox.
If you are interested in exploring which genes neighbor a particular gene listed in the table, click on the arrow icon beside your gene of interest in the table to jump to the region of the linear viewer where the gene is located.


Filter Annotations

If you are interested in filtering the table for smaller subset of annotations, the “Filter annotations” search bar can be used. Using the genome for ATCC® 700610™ as an example, we can search for purB, a gene that encodes for adenylosuccinate lyase, and then search for other genomes on the portal that contain a similar gene sequence.


Copy the Sequence

Clicking on the ellipses (...) icon allows users to immediately copy the nucleotide or amino acid sequence of a given annotation to their clipboard. If you are interested in discovering what other genomes on the portal share a similar nucleotide sequence, simply click on “Search for nucleotide sequence” and you will be redirected to the “Sequence Search” page to view your results.

View our article on performing a sequencing search for more information on how to perform a sequence search.

Next Steps

View genomes related to your genome of interest.

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