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Assemble genomes from your raw sequence data, and manage your genome library in One Codex

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Genome assembly and management is something that we at One Codex have been doing for years, from managing our own databases to assembling and managing genomes for various customers and partners.

Many companies or organizations have their own private, proprietary strains of various organisms. These can be valuable for things like probiotics, disease treatment and management, fermentation, enzymatic processes, and many more uses. Understanding the genomes of those strains can be incredibly valuable, particularly for the purposes of bioprospecting or strain safety assessment, to name but a few. That understanding starts with genome assembly and annotations.

When you start to assemble multiple genomes, it can often be daunting to store and manage those genomes, and make them secure and accessible across your organization. Having a collection that you can manage, share privately, and even search across for various genes or DNA sequences of interest, can make bioprospecting and safety checks a much easier task!

We've now expanded the One Codex platform to allow users to launch assemblies and manage their own genomes, giving users easier access to our extensive genome expertise! The Genome Library is a new, premium feature, available on request for organizations. Reach out to our team for pricing and setup.

Your Genome Library

Your Genome Library (accessible via the Genomes menu item on the left-hand navigation bar, when enabled) is a collection of all of the genomes generated within your organization, and is private to your organization. You'll see a list of each of the genomes that were generated, including their assigned taxonomy, creation date, size, and tags. You can also view details on each genome, including assembly statistics and gene annotations.

Genome Library Features and guides

The Genome Library feature on One Codex allows you to:

Start by exploring one of our example genomes; a hybrid assembly generated from short- and long-read SRA samples!

Accessing Genome Library Features

The Genome Library is a premium feature on the One Codex platform. Reach out to our team to discuss access to the Genome Library for you and your organization.

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