How to Cite the ATCC Genome Portal
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To properly cite the ATCC Genome Portal, please use the reference below:

  1. Benton B, King S, Greenfield SR, et al. The ATCC Genome Portal: Microbial Genome Reference Standards with Data Provenance. Thrash JC, ed. Microbiol Resour Announc. 2021;10(47):e00818-21.

Additional recent peer reviewed research from ATCC’s Sequencing & Bioinformatics Center includes:

  1. Yarmosh DA, Lopera JG, Puthuveetil NP, et al. Comparative Analysis and Data Provenance for 1,113 Bacterial Genome Assemblies. Suen G, ed. mSphere. Published online May 2, 2022:e00077-22.

  2. Jacobs SE, Jacobs JL, Dennis EK, et al. Candida auris Pan-Drug-Resistant to Four Classes of Antifungal Agents. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. Published online June 30, 2022:e00053-22. doi:10.1128/aac.00053-22

  3. Harmon CL, Castlebury L, Boundy-Mills K, et al. Standards of Diagnostic Validation: Recommendations for reference collections. PhytoFrontiersTM. Published online August 25, 2022:PHYTOFR-05-22-0050-FI. doi:10.1094/PHYTOFR-05-22-0050-FI

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