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Instructions for Packaging and Shipping Samples
Instructions for Packaging and Shipping Samples
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1. Before packaging and shipping, please register your samples here. For more detailed instructions, see our guide here.

CAUTION: Samples received at our lab that haven't been registered on our website will not be processed until registration is complete. To avoid delays, please register your samples before shipping them.

2. If your One Codex Reformat Tubes or OMNIgene•GUT collection devices are frozen, remove them from the freezer and allow them to reach room temperature before packing them for shipment. Wipe away any condensation.

3. Unpack your One Codex Sample Kit. Each kit includes instructions, blue shipping box, return shipping label, sample box, biohazard bag with absorbent pad, and packing tape strip. For large boxes, you should have 2 sample boxes and 2 biohazard bags with absorbent pads. The example images in this guide are for OMNIgene•GUT collection devices, but the instructions are the same for One Codex Reformat Tubes.

4. Adhere the return shipping label to the top of the blue shipping box. Be sure to use the return shipping label that you entered on our websites during sample registration for this batch of samples. Ensure that any existing labels are completely covered, as shown. Repeat as needed if you are shipping multiple boxes to us.

NOTE: If your sample box or blue shipping box has significant damage, please contact us at

5. Place your One Codex Reformat Tubes or OMNIgene•GUT collection devices into the sample box and close the lid.

6. Place the sample box into the included biohazard bag, peel off the strip covering the adhesive, and carefully seal while removing as much air as possible.

CAUTION: Please do not remove the white adsorbent pad from the biohazard bag.

7. Place the sample box into the shipping box.

8. Close the shipping box and seal with the packing tape strip included in your kit.

9. Your shipment is ready to go! Simply follow your usual process for shipping FedEx boxes or drop off at a FedEx Drop Box or shipping location.

10. We will let you know when your samples have arrived safely. You can also track their status here.

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