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Q: What should I expect after uploading data?
Q: What should I expect after uploading data?
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A: After uploading data, the One Codex platform will immediately begin processing your reads. On the Samples page, your sample will appear and with a "Processing" badge. Refreshing the page will update the sample status; finished samples are made available for viewing with a green "View Results" button.

The Analysis page provides a report with both a summary and details of the classification. At the top, we report overall statistics such as the percentage of classified reads and host (human) reads. A sample report is made available here.

The Analysis report also displays graphical and tabular readcount data. Our platform classifies reads to the most specific taxonomic level possible, which may result in reporting of readcounts at multiple taxonomic levels (e.g., Enterobacteria, Escherichia, and Escherichia coli).

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