FAQ: What kind of samples can I send?
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Currently we accept human stool samples in either OMNIgene•GUT (OMR-200) collection devices or in One Codex Reformat Tubes.

For samples collected in OMNIgene•GUT devices, you can send us the entire collection device. For more information on these collection devices or to purchase OMNIgene•GUT devices, you can contact DNA Genotek directly.

For samples not stored in OMNIgene•GUT devices, we will send you One Codex Reformat Tubes. These Reformat Tubes are designed to ensure fast and reliable results. These Reformat Tubes are compatible with fresh and frozen stool that has not been collected in a stabilization reagent. They are also compatible with stool that has been stabilized in Norgen Stool Preservative, Invitrogen RNAlater, or ethanol. For more details, FAQ: What is a One Codex Reformat Tube? and Instructions for Reformatting Samples.

If you have a different sample type (other than human stool) or if your samples are stored in a different buffer, we'd still love to hear from you. Please contact us via email at support@onecodex.com or through the chat box at the bottom-right of your screen.

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