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Microbiome Sequencing and Analysis
Instructions for Ordering Sequencing and Analysis
Instructions for Ordering Sequencing and Analysis

Learn how to order sequencing and analysis for your samples through the One Codex platform

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We have created a self-service system to allow you to order processing, sequencing, and analyses for your samples. Here, we'll walk you through that ordering process.

Create a New Order

You can create a new order from this page, or by choosing "Sequencing" and "Create New Order" on the navigation bar along the left of the One Codex web page. There are just a few pieces of information we need to create your order.

Order information

This section asks you to provide a name for your order. We also ask you to select the format of sample to be processed. If you have collected your samples in OMNIgene•GUT® OMR-200 devices, select this option. If you have collected your samples in a different format, please select "One Codex Reformat Tubes". See here for more information on the types of samples we can currently accept. Enter the number of samples you would like to order. If you have received a quote from One Codex, you can enter your quote code by clicking on "I have a discount quote".

We also ask if you plan to send all samples together. If you choose not to, you'll be given the option to select the number of shipping boxes you require.

You'll also be able to see how many samples you have remaining under the "Your stock" panel on the right-hand side of the page after your order has been completed.

Once this section is completed, you can enter shipping information.

Shipping information

One Codex will send you One Codex Reformat Tubes if you have selected this option. We send shipping materials for all orders, including boxes, biohazard bags, and shipping labels, allowing for safe shipping to our lab, and allowing us to track your order for you.

Order summary

When you've completed your Shipping information, we'll ask you to review and confirm your order. You'll be brought to a confirmation page, showing you your order number. You will also be able to track the status of your order. At this point, we will start preparing your order for shipment.

Tracking Your Order

Once your order is confirmed, you'll be able to track it here.

We'll provide updates at a number of stages throughout processing, including:

  • When we have received confirmation that your One Codex Sample Kit has been delivered to you. Note, at this point, you will be required to register your samples before shipping them to us. See here for instructions on how to register your samples and ship them to us.

  • When we receive your shipment.

  • When your samples are undergoing DNA extraction.

  • When your samples are undergoing library preparation and sequencing.

  • The last update is when your sequencing and analyses are completed, at which point you will be able to view your results.

If you choose to ship your samples to us in multiple batches, you'll be able to track each batch separately upon registering your samples for a particular batch.

Ordering Additional Empty Boxes

We know that collecting samples doesn't always go to plan, and slow collections can delay your project. You may need to spread your order out over multiple batches or shipments in order to be able to get some results sooner. So we provide you with the option to request empty boxes, to be able to ship your samples to us in multiple batches. Select between packaging for One Codex Reformat Tubes or packaging for OMNIgene•GUT® OMR-200 devices. Note that different size boxes are available for each tube type.

  • For One Codex Reformat Tubes, you can select a small box for up to 81 samples, or a large box for up to 162 samples.

  • For OMNIgene•GUT® OMR-200 devices, you can select a small box for up to 36 samples, or a large box for up to 72 samples.

Once you select the number of boxes you require, just enter your shipping information, and as soon as you confirm your order, we'll start preparing it!

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