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Find a job version ID, and view version release dates
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The One Codex Database is designed to be completely reproducible and rigorously versioned. This includes all parts of the analysis, including the contents of the genome database itself, our classification and filtering algorithms, the execution environment, and the format of the output files. Consequently, every analysis performed on One Codex can be uniquely identified by its Job Version ID, which is a 16 character alphanumeric unique identifier. You can find the Job Version ID for any analysis at the bottom of the analysis results page.

An example Job Version ID from the bottom of an analysis page.

This page lists all of the historical Job Version IDs for the One Codex Database, so you can reference what changes were made in each new release. You can always run the latest version of the One Codex Database (while still having access to previous analyses) from the Jobs page on One Codex. If you'd like to run an older version of the analysis, please contact us.

For older Job IDs, please contact us if you have any questions.

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