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Sample Management

Viewing, organizing, and searching your samples across One Codex

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The Samples page

We provide a number of different ways to organize and manage your samples on One Codex. These features allow you to use each sample's metadata (e.g., names, tags, projects, or even the organisms detected in the sample) to gather together and analyze interesting groups of related samples.

"Card view"

"List view"

Sorting samples

You can use the bar at the top of the page to sort the samples by name, date, size, etc., as well as switching between the "card" view, and the "list" view.

The "list" view allows you to select multiple samples, and perform batch manipulations of metadata, tags, and sharing via the "Edit" menu.

Filtering samples

You can filter the set of samples displayed by using the search bar. You have the option to filter by:

  • Sample name

  • Project

  • Tag (e.g., "WGS", "pathogen", "microbiome", etc.)

  • Organism (this actually searches through all of the organisms detected in each sample, such as E. coli)

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