API & Client Library
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Application Program Interface (API)

A core feature of the One Codex Platform is that all of the raw results presented on the web platform are also available programmatically via the API. The API gives you a way to access the raw output data from One Codex without opening a web browser or clicking any links. You may want to use the API if you're writing batch analysis scripts, or building software on top of One Codex. Please see our detailed API and developer documentation for more information.

Client Library

In addition to a REST API, we also provide an optional One Codex command line interface (CLI) and Python client library. The former is useful for users wishing to automate uploads and results retrieval from One Codex. The latter provides a convenient set of building blocks for more complex, customized bioinformatics analyses (e.g., in notebooks), building a Python app that uses One Codex, or integrating One Codex into a down- or upstream system (e.g., your LIMS). Please see our API and client library documentation for more details.

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