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Group your samples into Projects, and share with your collaborators
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Projects can be used to organize a collection of Samples and are useful for sharing experiments between users and across Organizations. You can create a new project by clicking the settings icon and selecting "Add New Project". You can add samples to any project using the metadata editing window, and view the complete set of samples contained in each project by clicking on the "Project" button near the top of the window. Every project has a set of buttons to customize how you Share the project and Edit the name and description.


While every user's data is kept private by default on One Codex, we also give you the ability to share your analyses with colleagues or the broader community. To share a specific sample, click on the globe icon and select one of the following options:

  • Public: Analyses may be accessed by anyone with the public link. These samples and analyses may also be listed in public collections or data directories.

  • Shared: These datasets will not be publicly listed, but can be shared with others using a publicly accessible link.

  • Private: These datasets are only accessible to their owners.

Beyond these options, projects also provide the ability to privately share data with select users in or across an organization. Projects also enable you to make large sets of data available publicly (e.g., as part of a journal article) and have project-specific URL for all of the data.

By providing you with a range of options for organizing and managing your samples, we hope to make it easy for you to use One Codex to store your sample metadata, perform experiment-level analysis, and communicate your results with your peers!

Example Project:


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