Getting Started with 4bases and One Codex
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Getting Started

Welcome! You've recently purchased a product from 4bases that comes with One Codex analysis included. Now we're going to walk you through using One Codex to analyze next-generation sequencing (NGS) data that you've generated.

Login to your account

One Codex is a platform that lets you analyze next generation sequencing data from microbial samples. You should have received an email from One Codex after your 4bases purchase, including a link to confirm your account, and a coupon for analysis included in your purchase. Login to the platform to get started.

Note: If another user has purchased a 4bases product on your behalf, you can register for an account here. Ensure to obtain your analysis coupon code from the purchaser.

Activating Your 4bases Analyses

One Codex will email you a coupon code each time you purchase a 4bases bundled product. To redeem your coupon, either click the link on the email, which will automatically redeem your coupon for you, or visit your One Codex settings page, found in the drop-down menu when you click your name at the top-right of the One Codex site.

Once on your settings page, you'll find a section to enter your coupon code and redeem it. You can also see how many uses you have remaining for your redeemed coupons.

Note: A coupon code can only be redeemed by one account. Ensure to obtain your coupon code from the purchaser.

Uploading Sample Data

You can add your sequencing data into your One Codex account by navigating to the Upload page, and simply dragging and dropping your FASTQ file(s) directly into the One Codex website. You can also upload your files programmatically using our command-line interface. More details on upload options are available here.

Running Analyses

Upon upload, all samples are analyzed using the latest One Codex Database, a whole-genome database best used for whole metagenome shotgun data.

For 4bases users, we also automatically launch our Targeted Loci analysis, which is optimized for your 4bases MICROBIOME panel. The Targeted Loci database contains genes which are commonly used for amplicon analysis, such as the 16S, 18S and ITS genes, which the 4bases MICROBIOME panel targets.

You can switch between analyses that have been run on your sample at the top-right of the sample's results page.

If the Targeted Loci analysis does not launch automatically for any sample, you can launch it from the "Run Analyses" menu on the left-hand navigation bar.

If you still can't launch this analysis, reach out to the One Codex team through the chat at the bottom-right of the page.

Processing times

Depending on the size of your FASTQ file, you should see your results in the One Codex application in approximately 1-2 hours.

Need help?

If you get stuck uploading your data into our platform, or have any questions, check out our supporting documentation, or send us a note using the chat on this page or in the app and we'd be happy to help.

If you have any questions about your 4bases product, please contact

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